Adaptive torque module SI-AT-A 22 Volts

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  • First impact wrench-based Adaptive Torque system (SIW 6AT-A22 and SI-AT-A22 module) on the market for installing Hilti expansion anchors, Hilti modular support systems or performing metal-to-metal bolting
  • In line with ETA stud anchor approvals
  • Barcode scanner for easy, efficient setup while reducing opportunities for mistakes
  • Documentation of executed fastenings together with the Adaptive Torque (AT) documentation software for better accountability and back-office efficiency
  • Standard impact mode for setting concrete screw anchors
  • Setting Hilti HST3 anchors from M8 to M12 in concrete
  • Repeatable, controlled fastening of metal bolts up to M16
  • Assembling MI and MIQ modular support systems using compatible connectors
  • Assembling MQ modular support systems using compatible MQN push button connectors
  • Setting Hilti HST2 anchors from M8 to M12 in concrete


Adaptive  torque module SI-AT-A22

  • Item Number: 2112651
  • # of items in Package: 1


  • Accessory type: Adaptive torque module
  • Weight according to EPTA Procedure 01/2003: 0.26 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 143 x 98 x 46 mm